The Sets (and more)

Since 2003, I've always had some sort of card set that I'm working on getting signed. And even before that I was a Cory Snyder Super-Collector since I got my first pack.

Please note that due to formatting restrictions, the individual set pages linked below are almost impossible to view effectively on a phone or tablet. So you should probably stick to a computer to view them.

Whenever possible, I have tried to credit people I've traded with or bought from over the years. If you know we've made a deal in the past and I don't have info on it, definitely let me know and I'll add it in. My record-keeping has been kind of spotty over the years. So if  we traded via AIM or something like that, or any message board that doesn't have a feedback system, I probably don't have a good record of it and you deserve credit.

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