Established June 1, 2021

This site chronicles my collection.
It is NOT a for-sale list.

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I have been a card collector since the early 90s, and a serious autograph collector since the early 2000s, both in-person (IP) and through the mail (TTM).

I'm currently trying to make this a little more readable on smaller screens. Not sure how well it will work, but the set pages will all be under construction for a while.

Who am I? How did I start collecting? And why am I doing all of this? A brief history of Drew, or at least of his collections.

Autographed card sets that I'm working on in several sports: baseball, football, hockey, indoor soccer, and auto racing; plus some unsigned projects

Jeff Baker started the TTMCast podcast in 2019. I became co-host in 2021 and took over as host in 2024 following his death in late 2023.

Taking inspiration from the 2005-06 project "One Red Paperclip," I try to make a series of trades from one signed card of Frank Tanana on up to... who knows where?

See if I have anything you'd be interested in trading for. Most of the items in my inventory are available for trade in exchange for things I need for my sets.

In addition to autographs, cards, and the podcast, I'm also a published writer, a recorded musician, a radio host, and a multi-sport play-by-play announcer.

A list of cards players won't sign, international postage, plus many other resources for the autograph and card collecting worlds