International Postage Costs

With sports being a global industry, it's entirely likely that you will someday want to send an autograph request outside the US. When I first started in the hobby, it was pretty much just the US and Canada. But now, players come from all over the world-- and not just in soccer and hockey, but also baseball, basketball, and even football. More and more American fans are following teams the world over-- whether it's European soccer and hockey, Japanese and Korean baseball, or Australian football.

Postage calculation is always a problem: how much weight will a stamp cover? How much does it cost? How do you get a return stamp for your SASE?

Your outgoing envelope will need a US Global Forever stamp. These run $1.55 as of February 2024 and will carry up to an ounce-- enough to cover a letter, SASE, and four standard cards. They're round with points around the outside, and the most recent (2022) version has an African daisy on it. Other recent versions have had the earth (2013 and 2014), a wreath (2013 and 2014), the moon (2016), a green succulent (2017), a poinsettia (2018), and a chrysanthemum (2020). All of these are safe to use-- US postage never expires! You also can use $1.55 in denominated US postage.

Return postage needs to come from the country you're sending to. So for example, if you're mailing to a hockey player in Finland, you'll need a Finnish stamp for its return on your SASE. Conversely, if you're from outside the US and mailing to someone here in the states, your SASE will need that US Global Forever stamp.

Calculating postage for all 197 countries of the world would be awfully time-consuming and wouldn't apply to most of the people we're sending to (I mean... are you going to send to any athletes in Uzbekistan?), so here's a list of a few countries you may be interested in sending to and how much that stamp will cost. Prices are based on 20 grams: an envelope and four cards fit in under this barrier. I've also linked to pages where you can buy the stamps wherever possible. Unfortunately some require large quantities to be purchased.

Stamps can often be bought via the country's post office online, via eBay, or through a dealer for postage stamp collectors. You may have to pay a slight premium, but it's worth it. At worst, you could put in cash to cover the price, rounded up to the nearest full dollar, plus maybe an extra dollar for the inconvenience they have to face in getting the postage for you-- but stamps are better. Remember, the easier you can make it on the player, the higher the likelihood of your success.

Prices, their approximate USD equivalent, and store links are accurate as of February 1, 2023.

Please note that for Russian postage, as of March 2022 there is a mail embargo against the country; therefore, I would not recommend sending anything there.

Australia AU$3.50 ($2.47)
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1.80KM ($1.00)
Canada C$1.30 ($0.98)
China ¥5 ($0.74)
Croatia €1.14 ($1.22)
Czech Republic 45Kč ($2.06)
Denmark 36Kr. ($5.26)
Finland €2.10 ($2.28)
France €1.80 ($1.96)
Germany €1.10 ($1.20)
Ireland €2.20 ($2.39)
Italy €2.40 ($2.61)
Japan ¥110 ($0.84)
Mexico ₱11.50 ($0.61)
Netherlands €1.55 ($1.68)
Norway 35kr ($3.50)
Russia ₽58 ($0.82)
Serbia 100din ($0.93)
Slovakia €1.60 ($1.74)
Slovenia €1.50 ($1.63)
South Korea 780₩ ($0.63)
Spain €2.10 ($2.28)
Sweden 30kr ($2.87)
Switzerland 2.30Fr. ($2.31)
Taiwan NT$30 ($1.00)
United Kingdom £1.60 ($1.97)

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