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Autograph-Specific Sites

PSA AutographFacts - Featuring examples of autographs for easy comparisons; useful when looking to buy or trade.

TTMCollectors - Mike Matthews, formerly of TheBench, is starting this site up. It's very much in its infancy, but could become an excellent resource for collectors to share info. You can find me under the name DFWGrapher.

SCN: - The best source for autograph addresses and organization; well worth the $15 a year. I'm on the forums as DFWGrapher.

SCF: SportsCardForum - The best free source for autograph addresses. I'm a former moderator here, you can find me under the name *censored*.

The Bench - Not sure how active it is anymore, but once an excellent trading forum; I'm HockeyBrawler on here.

Net54Baseball - This board is a great source for all things related to baseball cards. The banner says Pre-WWII but they have talk and info on all years. I'm DFWGrapher on there.

Crave The Auto - A list of autograph signings, all over the country and in many different areas of collecting.

Football Autograph Encyclopedia - All sorts of scans of football autographs (and not just NFL either!)

TTM Hockey Autos - A simple forum for all things related to hockey autographs. I'm DFWGrapher here.

Hockey TTM Graphs - Another simple forum for all things related to hockey autographs. I'm DFWGrapher here too.

StarTiger - Solid site for addresses; not just sports, but celebrities too.

Blowout Forums - Mostly dedicated to cards, but also has a decent section on autographs and TTMing. I'm DFWGrapher here though not super active outside of the months leading up to the National when I'm going to it.

Puckhound's Blogs - Ron Saar and I were both Boston-area hockey graphers in the early 2000s. He even name-dropped me in a Beckett article ten-ish years ago when he was their writer on hockey autographs (issue #210, maybe?). He died suddenly and unexpectedly in 2016 while watching his son play hockey. Some of the info may be a tad outdated by now, but still certainly a worthwhile read.

Troy Rutter - Troy is the three A's-- author, actor, and autograph collector. He's the co-host of TTMCast with me, has an excellent YouTube channel, and has this great site displaying his collection as well as TTM tips for beginners and veterans alike.

Dave Mitchner - Dave is a fellow autograph collector who has a great site for his collection in a Wiki-style setup. It's still in progress but quite well done so far: if I had the time and patience, I'd do the same.

Pacific Soccer Autograph Project - My blog on everything related to my attempts at getting the 1987/88 through 1992/93 Pacific indoor soccer sets signed.

Card-Related Sites

Sports Collectors Daily - One of the top websites for all things related to sports collectibles-- the latest news on the hobby, business, and industry sides, collector profiles, and more. I've written a few articles for them.

SportLots - This is my go-to site for buying cards anytime I have an upcoming event. You have to do a little work to buy only from a few sellers to keep shipping costs down, but it works well if you put in the time and effort.

The Card Life - MLB pitcher Matt Strahm talks cards and all things collectible in sports around the country on the Bally Sports Network and on YouTube

CollX - A great phone app for finding card prices.

Trading Card Database - Info on anything and everything in the card world: checklists, variations, errors, rare and oddball sets, you name it, they have it. You can find me on there as shutout52.

OzCardTrader - An Australian forum dedicated to cards of all kinds-- not just AFL! I'm DFWGrapher here as well.

Sports Card Scammers Database - Know before you buy or trade...

Football Cartophiliac Info Exchange - Alan Jenkins has put together some great info on soccer card sets from all over the world

Baseball Cardpedia - A baseball card wiki

Keyman Collectibles - Easily the best site I have ever found for baseball card set checklists and info; they're printable too!

Cardboard Connection - Great for info on release dates and checklists, and how to tell parallels apart

Baseball Almanac - Solid info here on card sets

HockeyDB - Mostly dedicated to stats, but lots of info on hockey cards, with an easily searchable database that includes many minor league sets.