DFWGrapher's Collection

This site chronicles a collection. My collection.
It is NOT a for-sale list.

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If you're here, you probably came from either my Instagram, Twitter, YouTube channel, or Facebook. Maybe one of the forums that I frequent. This is just a place to be able to easily show off my various autograph projects. I have been a card collector since the early 90s, and a serious autograph collector since the early 2000s, both in-person (IP) and through the mail (TTM).

Who am I? How did I start collecting? And why am I doing all of this? A brief history of Drew, or at least of his collections.

Autographed card sets that I'm working on in several sports: baseball, football, hockey, indoor soccer, and auto racing; plus some unsigned projects

Find some other excellent resources in the collecting world: mostly autograph-related, but some general card sites as well

In addition to cards and such, I'm also a recorded musician, published writer, and former sports play-by-play broadcaster on radio, TV, and internet.

See if I have anything you'd be interested in trading for. Most of the items in my inventory are available for trade in exchange for things I need for my sets.